Low Risk / High Reward Investing !

High Yielding/Low Risk Real Estate Investment

There has long been a saying in the investment community that goes “ High Risk,
High Reward”. At SFX, we strive to flip that script a bit to “ High Rewards, Low Risk’.
Our team of top-notch team of Real Estate professionals are tasked with locating
investments with expected returns ranging from 18-36%. There are a number of
reasons for the high returns:

- Our Real Estate Investor/Operator team will have access to funds that will
enable them to purchase properties faster than the competition.
- We pass an industry leading 98.5% of funds on to the investor as opposed
the 90% or less on other platforms.
- SFX employs an entire Data Analytics Team that will disseminate the
pertinent information on the local markets being targeted – Crime Stats,
Building/Housing Starts, Homeowner/Rental Ratios, and Education

We have relationships with the top Operators in the country, and we make sure all
deals on the platform are fully vetted .

SFX – ‘Lets Make Money Together!!’

Introducing True Direct Real Estate Investment

Welcome to the Secured Funding Exchange (SFX), where you will have access to the
best High Yielding Real Estate Deals in the Equity Crowd Funding Landscape. Our
team is comprised of professionals with expertise in all pertinent spectrums of the
Investment Real Estate Market:

- Our CEO is a long-time advisor to Hard Money / Asset Based Lenders
- Our COO ran one of the largest Hard Money Lenders
- Our entire remaining team members all have at least 10 years experience in
the Commercial Real Estate Industry

There are a few quiet little secrets in the Equity Crowd Funding (ECF) market.
- Most ECF marketplaces are taking 5% up front out of all deals on their
platforms. Some, like SeedInvest, are taking 7.5% commission. Most Real
Estate ECF’s are taking between 5 and 10% commissions up front.
- Most deals listed on ECF’s benefit the business owner / borrower. There are
low interest rates being offered as well as small equity stakes

We have created SFX to combat that and not just win the game , but CHANGE IT.
Here are a few examples:
- We only hold 1.5% commission for all deals
- Our deals are all vetted by Appraisers and Inspectors, as well as our
experienced team of Professionals
- Our deals offer High Interest Rates as well as 50% equity stakes for the
Feel free to reach out to us to discuss your Real Estate Investment objectives

SFX, lets make money together!