High Yielding/Low Risk Real Estate Investment

There has long been a saying in the investment community that goes “ High Risk,
High Reward”. At SFX, we strive to flip that script a bit to “ High Rewards, Low Risk’.
Our team of top-notch team of Real Estate professionals are tasked with locating
investments with expected returns ranging from 18-36%. There are a number of
reasons for the high returns:

- Our Real Estate Investor/Operator team will have access to funds that will
enable them to purchase properties faster than the competition.
- We pass an industry leading 98.5% of funds on to the investor as opposed
the 90% or less on other platforms.
- SFX employs an entire Data Analytics Team that will disseminate the
pertinent information on the local markets being targeted – Crime Stats,
Building/Housing Starts, Homeowner/Rental Ratios, and Education

We have relationships with the top Operators in the country, and we make sure all
deals on the platform are fully vetted .

SFX – ‘Lets Make Money Together!!’

Clara M King

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